TAilings and IndustriaL waste ENGineering Center

Business Industry Partners (BIP)

TAILENG advances the state-of-art and state-of-practice in mine tailings management through strategic partnerships with the mining industry and consulting companies serving the mining industry. These strategic partnerships will be fostered through TAILENG Business Industry Partners (BIPs).

A TAILENG BIP will be instrumental in steering impactful research and educational initiatives through participation in the TAILENG Annual meeting (fall of each year) when potential initiatives will be identified, discussed, and selected. In addition, a TAILENG BIP will receive complimentary and discounted registrations to professional development and engagement activities, acknowledgment on TAILENG documentation, and numerous opportunities to interact with TAILENG researchers and students. The current TAILENG BIP members are :

Tier I

Tier II

There are two general BIP categories: Industry and Consulting.  Industry BIP includes mining and power industry companies, whereas the Consulting BIP includes engineering firms as well as government organizations and non-profit agencies. For each category, there are two tiers (Tier 1 and Tier 2) available for potential BIPs to provide financial flexibility for potential members to support the TAILENG Center at a level that is suitable for their organization.